Vision and Mission of Indoracingpart

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PT Indoracingpart reaches increasing development until 2013. This development has strong relation to the values that PT Indoracingpart lives. PT Indoracingpart has vision, missions, and culture values


To actualize PT Indoracingpart as the biggest, professional, and trusted motorcycle spare part distributor company in Indonesia with ISO certificate.


  1. Enlarge the marketing network by providing the professional staff in sales department.
  2. Provide more variation products for customers by taking the suppliers on trust as the trusted spare part distributors.


Culture Values

  1. Honesty
  2. Loyalty
  3. Achievement Orientation
  4. High Commitment
  5. Good Discipline
  6. Clean and tidy
  7. Persistent and patient


Company's Management

Applying high standard of management is the commitment of all company's members. Transparency, accountability, responsibility, independence, and fairness are the principles of better management that PT Indoracingpart does. Those values become the company's characteristics.

Applying those principles is one solution to PT Indoracingpart reaching its vision. PT Indoracingpart would like to be a favorite distributor for customers, colleagues, employees, and Indonesian motorcycle communities.

Because of this high standard of management, PT Indoracingpart is able to strengthen the competitive energy and have trust from many parties.

In applying the management, PT Indoracingpart ensures that there is a management for competent human resources, risk, and finance, the obedience from the valid rules, and the avoidance of needs collision.

Based on Top Management's commitment, PT Indoracingpart keeps improving the company's management with high standard of management. The company always attempts to improve the internal control function by maximize the responsibility and job description of the staff and applying the obedient function that is supported by internal and external auditor. Furthermore, by publishing the guideline about a good company's management and company's rules and policies in 2013, the management strongly believes that company's performance will be improved and the leaking of energy and ineffectiveness is going down.