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PT Indoracingpart is a motorcycle racing spare part distributor, it was run firstly in early 2004. All the employees are skillful. PT Indoracingpart keep enhancing the employees' skills and knowledge by giving internal and external trainings such as sending them to a training center that supports their knowledge and skills in running the business. Many producers (founders) admitted that PT Indoracingpart is able to distribute the products equally along the nation.

Besides managing off-line sales by distributing motorcycle spare part all around Indonesia by using delivery cars or expedition, PT Indoracingpart is developing an e-commerce company. This decision was taken because of the Indonesia's geographic aspect. Indonesia is an archipelago country, so it will be hard for the marketing staff reaching and serving all the customers. Therefore, selling the product via off-line and online is one of best solutions.

Now, PT Indoracingpart has distributed many kinds of fashionable and lifestyle products such as R9 muffler, Eagle shock Absorber, FIM Pitson, CDI BRT, Belt matic, and many more. The products will always be added as the producers' development.

The development of products is always going to be done by the producers and the results always keeps coming following the trends and the producers' ability in doing the research and development. By the producers' enthusiasm, therefore, PT Indoracingpart has a strong belief that there will be many business opportunities and significant development. Hopefully, the new products can add the existing variant products that are sold by PT Indoracingpart.