History of Indoracingpart

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In ten years, PT Indoracingpart (Indoracingpart Inc.) has known as Taruna Adhi. Since 2012, this company's name has been changed becoming PT Indoracingpart. This company has 4 branch offices in big cities such as Solo, Jakarta, Medan, and Surabaya. The main reasons of opening those offices are to minimize the distance between the company and the customers and to have faster services for the customers who spread along the nation.

This expansion of business is influenced by the founder's passion for motorcycle that was started from the father. He has engaged in a business of motorcycle service and repair for more than 30 years. This business has 6 branch offices in Solo. The founder's father is a motorcycle lover who has got many international awards and gone around the world using his beloved motorcycle. Started from what his father has done, the founder as a second generation decided to develop a similar business. This business focuses on providing spare part to the customers in form of a modification shop for motorcycles.

Since opening some branch offices, PT Indoracingpart has fulfilled the customers' needs well. Besides the distribution went broader, other founders also be willing to join to distribute their products. Each branch office takes some areas to be handled. Solo handles all areas in Central Java; Jakarta handles areas in Jabodetabek, West Java, South Sumatera (including Lampung to Jambi); Medan handles areas in Medan and North Sumatera; and Surabaya handles areas Surabaya, East Java, and eastern areas of Indonesia.

All products from the suppliers who belong to PT Indoracingpart are nationally distributed with the consideration of the medium and the infrastructure in order to support the operational process in each branch office. They are delivery cars, professional marketing staff, and accounting software that can be linked to the head office as the stock, finance, sales, and an integrated information system controller. Dealing with the growth of motorcycles sales, the sales of the spare part are also increased. Therefore, PT Indoracingpart helped by a professional management consultant started to make some positive changes in the management system to head office and all branch offices in 2013. Furthermore, PT Indoracingpart invested their capital in IT to support the operational marketing offices' in Jakarta, Medan, Solo, and Surabaya. The aim of changing the management system and doing IT investment is to make the company's performance more effective so that new producers will get better advantages by doing the business